Mother Nature the Overachiever


So Bubi, the jewish grandmother, invites Mother Nature over for coffee, to chat, you know, about the recent goings on.  This is their conversation.

Bubi: Come, sit, have some coffee. Let’s get you some cake, right? It’s nice, I made it yesterday. So dunk it in the coffee if it’s dry.

Mother Nature: Thanks Bubi, that’s very kind, but I’m awfully busy. I need to focus on snow this winter, and I’m just not getting it right. Last winter everyone complained that there wasn’t enough snow, and they didn’t get their snow days and on and on. I need to step it up.

Bubi: This is what I need to speak to you about, this snow. Again with the snow. And the ice. And now this freezing rain baloney. What is that? Freezing rain. It’s either rain or its not.

Mother Nature: Well, I was trying for more snow, but I got distracted a bit. I need to get those snow days in. I need…

Bubi: You need to slow down. You’ve made it snow. And Snow and snow. You know what happens when it snows this much? People go crazy. People drive into trees like that nice student yesterday. Drove right over a small tree. Missed the bigger one by a few inches. Those two women, the one in the minivan and the sensible boots and the arty one with the ponytail like a cheerleader, so upset. The ponytail could barely call 911, She called 9111. She’s nervous enough, you know.

Mother Nature: But everyone was Ok. I mean, it was the ice that was left over. If I had gotten the snow right, it would have just been snow. That wouldn’t have happened. I need to try harder, get it right.

Bubi: But honey, you’ve made it snow. 8 inches here, 14.8 inches there, and now last night, another few inches then this freezing rain nonsense. Just stop. It’s enough snow. There have been enough snow days. You’ve done winter. Everyone is impressed. It’s enough.

Mother Nature: But they haven’t seen the sun rise on the sparkling snow enough. They haven’t crunched through the snow in that sound that makes them feel like little kids again.

Bubi: What’s enough? When is it going to be enough snow for everyone? It’s like you’ve chosen the pickiest person to make happy. They won’t be happy, I know them. My cousin Manny, he’s never happy. Stop trying to make Manny happy and ignoring everything else. Drink your coffee and relax for a minute. Let the snow melt. It’s done. Let it be done. Let the goal of more snow than last year be done. Stop working for everyone else and just do this your way. You’re in charge after all. Enough with the achieving for other people.

Mother Nature: Well, I do have to get planning on Spring.



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